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Cornerstone is accredited through the Mortgage Industry National Home Energy Rating System Accreditation Standard. Their systems have been reviewed by either the state energy office or Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and accredited by the Mortgage Industry Accreditation Review Committee.

Energy Ratings and Mortgages
Home Energy Ratings

Home energy ratings provide a standard measurement of a home's energy efficiency. New and existing homes use these ratings. In new homes rating often verify energy performance for the ENERGY STAR homes program, energy efficient mortgages, and energy code compliance.

Cornerstone can help homeowners improve their home's energy efficiency. We use energy ratings which evaluate specific cost-effective improvements. Existing homeowners receive a report displaying cost-effective options to improve their home's energy efficiency . Obtaining an energy rating enables the homebuyer to easily evaluate the energy performance of the homes being considered.

There are two types of ratings:

  • Projected ratings Ratings performed prior to the construction of a home or prior to the installation of energy improvements to an existing home.

  • Confirmed ratings Ratings completed using data gathered from an on-site inspection, which could include performance testing of the home.

Confirmed ratings involve an on-site inspection of a home by a residential energy efficiency professional, a home energy rater. Cornerstone energy raters are trained and certified by RESNET. (Residential Energy Services Network - An accredited home national consortium of builders, bankers, utilities and government agencies)

Cornerstone's home energy rater reviews many items:

  • Insulation levels
  • Window efficiency
  • Wall-to-window ratios
  • The heating and cooling system efficiency
  • The solar orientation of the home
  • The water heating system
  • Performance testing, such as a blower door test, for air leakage and duct leakage, is usually part of the rating as well

Once the data is collected, the home is scored between 1 and 100, depending on its relative efficiency. The home's estimated energy costs are also included. The energy rating is then equated to a Star rating system:




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