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Did you know the largest portion of your savings comes from maximizing the heat loss from your house?

Did you know heating equipment takes about 15¢ from every dollar of energy cost to operate itself? The house takes the remaining 85¢.


Your heating equipment is only part of the equation. The efficiency of the envelope (the outer walls, floor, ceiling or roof) also calls for thought. A heating system provides heat and the house uses (or wastes) it, in exact balance.


Most homeowners assume insulation is the answer. However, insulation is not the whole story. Air leakage is the biggest robber of heating dollars.

Houses leak air because of the difference between indoor and outdoor air pressure. Think of a hot air balloon. The biggest pressure differences are high and low in a building. Holes in these areas leak more air than holes in the middle. Warm air rises and leaks out any unsealed areas at the top of the building. Leaks inward tend to be at the bottom of the structure, pulling in cool air.

"Airtight" homes are economical and more comfortable, if proper ventilation is provided.
No drafts just controlled air flow. Home that leak have moist, heated air escaping into cooler areas, such as insulated walls and ceilings. This vapor condenses, causing mold, mildew, rot and other moisture-related problems. This is a major health concern as it is a primary source of allergy symptoms.

Blower Door Test - Three Steps to an Air-Tight Home

1) Locate air leaks
2) Repair problem leaks
3) Confirm leaks are sealed

The Blower Door is an industry standard specialty device that is used to identify the overall air leakage of a home and its heating and cooling duct system. It highlights air leak areas by depressurizing the entire house which accents specific leakage areas.

The Blower Door consists of a large fan which is mounted in a frame. The frame is placed in an exterior door. The fan is then used to pressure or de-pressure the home according to the testing performed.

Home air leakage and duct leakage can have a significant impact on the heating and cooling costs of a home as well as the overall level of comfort. Abnormal air leakage cannot only impact comfort but it also negatively impacts the indoor air quality and durability of the structure.

Homeowners are always amazed at what they learn about their homes during a blower door test. Home air leakage sites are identified, the total air change rate of the house is determined, working in conjunction with a duct blaster duct leakage is measured and located, and moisture, humidity, mold and mildew problems can usually be traced to their source.

Blower door testing allows us to view of the whole house as an interactive system, a complex interplay of temperatures, humidity, air movement, and forced-air pressures. Blower door testing also allows us to calculate your home's heating and cooling loads in order to accurately verify the sizing of your heating and air equipment.

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