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How an Infrared Scan works

Poor electrical connections, air leaks, increase/decreases in temperature. An infrared camera can find these problems before they create expensive increases in your energy bill.

Cornerstone's certified thermographers use portable infrared imaging cameras to scan residential and commercial properties; capturing temperature difference in colorful images. If a potential problem exists, the infrared image pinpoints the exact areas of temperature difference.

Infrared can spot loose or corroded connections, overloaded circuits and transformers, current imbalances between phases, defective fuses, mismatched overloads and faulty contacts inside a circuit breaker.

Infrared scans are an important tool to measure energy loss from buildings due to insulation problems.

Scans are usually completed within a day and are performed while equipment is running requiring no downtime. You'll receive a thorough report with infrared photos showing any problems, their severity and recommended actions.

As part of a comprehensive predictive maintenance plan, an annual infrared scan can allow you to schedule maintenance, preventing unplanned downtime.

Scans also help you maintain a safe working environment, reducing the risk of catastrophic failure and fire - and possibly reducing insurance costs.



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